Pampanga native, LIBORIO "GAT" T. GATBONTON (23 June 1914 - 5 May 1976), was a noted cartoonist and caricaturist who obtained his formal artistic schooling from the University of the Philippines School of Fine Arts. He worked for the Roces-owned TVT (Tribune-La Vanguardia-Taliba) chain of newspapers where he honed his skills as a cartoonist. During the period of Japanese Occupation, his editorial illustrations continued to appear the Tribune—the only newspaper allowed to circulate at the time. After the war, he produced Jappy Days (1946) a book of his satirical cartoons on the experience of Japanese Occupation. In the postwar years, he served as chief cartoonist of the Manila Chronicle and came to mentor young artists such as Mauro Malang Santos and Dario Noche. Often, his cartoons were simply signed "GAT."