The ephemeral periodicals published during the late Spanish colonial era, the Philippine revolutionary period, and early American regime are a mine of information for students of culture, arts, and advertising.

19th Century Periodicals

Among the 19th century periodicals in the LML collections are: Ilustracion Filipina, 1859-1860; Gaceta de Manila, 1869 – 1898; El Comercio (1871-1925;, La Ilustracion de Oriente, 1875-1878; Diario de Manila, 1883 and 1896; and a few copies of La Solidaridad; Heraldo de la Revolucion, 1898; La Republica Filipina, 1898; and La Independencia, 1898.

1900 – 1945 Periodicals

American colonial era periodicals include: Philippine Review, 1916-1921; Philippine Magazine, 1930-1941; Unitas, 1923-present; American Chamber of Commerce Journal, 1921-present; Philippine Social Science Review, 1930-1998.

Postwar Periodicals

Notable publications in the postwar era are: Manila Chronicle, 1945-1972 and 1986-1998; Philippines Free Press, 1946-1972 and 1986-present; journals such as Philippine Studies, 1953-present; Bulletin of American Historical Collection, 1972-present; Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society, 1973-present; and Ad veritatem, 2002-present.