• Start Date: 2011 12 September 2011
  • End Date: 30 April 2012
  • Curated By: Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez and Claro Ramirez

Reverb takes off from notions having to do with resonance, registration, and audible impressions. Apart from the gustatory and olfactory, the aural sense is possibly the least serviced among all the human sensory channels through which we experience what gets shown in museums and other spaces tending to human sensation. It brings together sound-based work from artists such as Eric Agoncillo Ambata, Kawayan de Guia, Tad Ermitano, IC Jaucian, Diokno Pasilan, Ronald Tomas, the collaborative E.X.I.S.T. (Experimentation in Sound Art Tradition), and UP College of Music ethnomusicologist Dr. Christine Muyco.

Reverb’s off-site component at the SM MOA Atrium will encourage mallers to physically engage with everyday objects such as air mattresses, and surrounding foliage.  Live performances from these invited artists will make up both Reverb’s onsite and off-site complements which are also intended to emphasize the temporal and intangible nature of sound art.

In responding to Lopez Museum’s open call for sound-based proposals last year, these artists will be showing an amalgam of old and new works drawn up from ambient and self-produced, the installative and site-specific, the found and the overlooked, alongside objects from the museum collection that invoke hearing and an overall sharpening of the experiential aspect of encountering art.