We are delighted to be able to share with you the collection and programmes of LML.   

While our physical spaces have been closed over the past couple of years, we have been working to make more of our collection of Filipiniana materials available online.  You’ll notice that the Collections tab now features more than just the artworks of the museums. It features the different bodies of work that are cared for by LML.   

In the past, the museum was the more public face of the institution with regular exhibitions and programs for the public to visit onsite and online; while the library was the preserve of scholars and researchers who would sit amongst the stacks of books and periodicals from centuries past.  But over the years, the museums’ curators have mined the library’s treasures both for inspiration and exhibition materials, developing in audiences greater interest in what the library holds.  We wanted to build on this by making the library materials more accessible. So for those with an interest in visual culture, the collections tab now features artworks, photographs, maps, newspaper and magazine illustrations. Those needing to do serious research can access the library collection through the research tab. We will soon be opening our reading room so that those needing to see the original manuscripts will be able to come and spend time with the materials. 

Also getting the spotlight in the website now is the Roberto Lopez Conservation Lab where the painstaking work of preserving Philippine heritage is brought to life by the videos, photos and reports of the conservation team. The lab turns 20 this year.

Browse through our website to enjoy highlights of our collection, revisit past exhibitions, listen to talks and keep up with our activities.  There is much more to come in 2022!